What is diamond dot painting

Diamond painting is a new craft hobby that is a mix between Painting by Numbers and Cross Stitch. With Diamond Painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin diamonds to a coded adhesive canvas to create brilliant diamond art. According to Chu, diamond painting is a combination of cross stitch and painting by numbers. You use an applicator to apply hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestones, one by one, onto a color-coded canvas adhesive paint, she explains.

The end result is a vivid and sparkling work of art. Each piece can be framed and hung in the office, given to a loved one or kept for you to enjoy. Diamond dots are small bright dots that are attached to the adhesive cloth with the included stylus pen. The individual dots are very similar to rhinestones in appearance, round and about 2.5 mm in diameter.

Painting with diamonds is also a good way to relax and unwind while you lose yourself in the creation process. Diamond painting is a mosaic art form in which brilliant resins (plastic beads or diamonds) are applied to a pre-glued canvas to complete the painting. Since its inception, diamond painting has been very important among the arts and crafts community and has become a popular pastime among many people. Sometimes called art diamond painting (although there is no painting involved), this fun creative hobby is easy to do, frugal and ideal for children and adults.

What I could discern from the diamond painting box is that there would be sparkles involved, says Diamond Art Kit on the front. You could walk in without knowing anything about diamond painting, and you could still create a decent painting on your first try. Diamond painting craftsmen may also prefer to use several stylish multi-applicator pens and an ergonomically designed area for crafting. At your next family reunion, try to bring a diamond art kit for everyone to enjoy working together in the same way you would gather around a puzzle and work slowly while chatting and enjoying time together.

All Diamond Painting says: “Unlike hobbies such as knitting or gardening, diamond painting provides a much quicker and stress-free result and doesn't require any previous experience on your part.

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