What can I use instead of a diamond painting pen?

Keep some handy while working on your project and dip the applicator tool into the putty before using it to pick up diamonds. In this part of the blog, we will explain some DIY diamond painting methods that we know, which can give you some fresh ideas on how to have alternative ways to diamond painting. One of the other alternative DIY diamond painting methods you can use on your diamond paintings is to use Blu Tack. The Blu Tack is much more durable than wax and, once inserted into the pen, can last twice as long as wax, if not longer, depending on how quickly you paint.

To paint with Blu Tack, place a small pile on the side of the canvas and remove it manually to insert it into the piercing pencil. You can use a small file or rolled sandpaper to roughen the inside of the stylus so that the wax grips it better. If you use too much wax, it tends to stick to the drills, so try to use less. You can replace pink wax with blu tack.

Personally, I use blu tack because I think I don't need to refill the pen that often. Which speeds up the placement a little. The disadvantage of the blue tack, however, is that if it is used too much, there are leftovers left in the drills. However, that can also happen when pink wax is used.

Another disadvantage is that if you stick the glue, it will get stuck on the canvas. It's happened to me a couple of times, but then I removed most of it with tweezers and then I put a drill. The drill sat well and didn't come off the canvas. Then fill in the remaining gaps and all the Diamond Painting rhinestones will align perfectly by themselves.

It can easily happen that you knock down a box or bag of diamonds or that the diamonds do not end up in the desired place when you pour them again, but all over the desk or even on the floor. It is best to have paper towels or wipes handy to avoid any mishaps with the wax while painting. These so-called “burst diamonds” sometimes simply need to be glued to the adhesive layer of the canvas with a little more pressure. If you don't like the pink wax that comes with most diamond paints, there are alternatives to use.

To avoid slightly twisted rhinestones, and therefore uneven rows, it is recommended to paint larger areas of one color in the so-called checkerboard pattern. Apply a little downward pressure and the roller will ensure that the diamonds that come out stick perfectly and permanently. Check out this section to find more diamond kits, painting accessories and diamond painting tools to add to your wish list. This is another DIY method you can use for your artwork, as these pencils also work for diamond painting.

However, other people may find that their diamond painting is a little tedious and want to speed up the process. So clean your Diamond Painting pen from time to time to avoid it, or clean it when you notice that the wax is no longer sticky enough to hold new diamonds, but you still don't notice any improvement after you prick the wax. Use pointed diamond painting tweezers or a toothpick to completely remove old wax from the pen tip cavity. One of the frustrations that can occur when you paint with rhinestones is that sometimes the wax is too soft.

Occasionally it may happen that one or more diamonds that you have already placed on your canvas simply do not want to stick there and come loose again.

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